Tony Bourdain Collins

I’m not usually one to mourn the death of celebrities. After all, I didn’t know them personally and whatever persona they projected or whoever I thought they were are pretty much immaterial to the reality of their lives and to the person that their close friends and family actually knew. Yet the suicide of Anthony…

N-NUTS – Nothing New Under the Sun

I’m tired of my own silence. Isn’t that complicity?

Good News Cocktail

Welcome to a lovely Fall season. Despite the short days and turning leaves, it remains unseasonably warm here in northern California (thanks Climate Change!) and I am longing for sweater weather. Never mind that after a few days of chill we spoiled Californians are once again dying to take off a few layers and call…

Tulips for You

There is nothing quite like the delicate scent of the tulip, so soft that it is difficult to detect unless you put your nose right up against the petals and make a point of taking it in.


Boo! Happy Fall season, fellow imbibers. Apologies for the long absence but I have been both terribly busy and sicker than any miserable, pathetic dog you’ve ever seen. All better now, thanks, and ready to resume making things up. This cocktail, known as the Boomerang, comes courtesy of the slightly odd, London-penned guide currently sitting…


a twist on the old-fashioned, the original ‘cock-tail’