Summer Kiss


Yes, it’s hot outside. But it’s that perfect kind of hot summer afternoon that just right for hanging out in the backyard in your favorite shady spot. I have done my good deeds for the day–made breakfast for my sweetie, delivered some books and fetched lunch for my elderly mother, swam my 20 laps (yes, this is too a good deed)–and now it’s me time.

I really wanted a nice, crisp glass of a dry rosé but sadly the bottle did not make it into the fridge in time to meet my crispness standards. So in true guerrilla fashion, I am forced to improvise.

A little fresh strawberry puree (organic of course!), some lemonade, a little vodka and voilá! the perfect afternoon kiss of summer. In fact, that’s what I’m going to call it, Summer Kiss. Okay, okay, it may be just a strawberry lemonade with vodka, but it works just fine. So there.

Oh yeah. You can of course make this a virgin Kiss by just omitting the vodka. But like my friend John said, there is something to be said for virginity, but not for a Summer Kiss! Pics show one with ice and splash of soda, one without. I found that the ice diluted it too much for me but you do what works for you.

I hope whatever you all are doing on this fine day that you’re doing it well and having a fine time.



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